Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Ibuki

Ibukin street fighter 4 Arcade edition

Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Ibuki.

Ibuki is a beautiful character to see when it is well controlled, i won’t list all her move, enough
articles are doing it well already, but i will list all the sequences which are making me be a big fan of her.

Ibuki is a vortex character, like Akuma but in a different way. She is also impossible to keep spammed by shoto because she has multiple options to go around.

As well as viper for her seismo+high jump+burning kick, ibuki can also buffer her jump for some instant kunai.

Her strength comes from dash and backdash fantastic, many combos, excellent for normal poke, extending combos , Super Jump, an air throw and two Ultra combo can be placed .

His weakness ? Not much life and a quick stun.

kunai 236 p

Punch strength you use determines the distance at which the dagger is thrown , 236 lp being
near while 236 hk is distant .

EX version , Ibuki throws 2 kunais quickly starting forward and knocking the opponent down.

The Kunai of Ibuki can of course be used to prevent the opponent to approach, but its
real value is the mix -up that you can made with it.
You can also use Kunai to make some cross up combo.

from far: jump 236 hp, mk, 214 hk
from closer : jump 236 hp, mp, mk, 214 hk
OGT move close: jump 236 lk(to hit in front of the opponent), lp, mp, hp, 41236hp (Raida is safer and easy to do than the neackbreaker)

Tsugijoe 623p

Ibuki is a big jump bell shaped around the opponent. This jump can include a Kunai throw in air.
This jump is not very useful , except perhaps to escape from a Shoryuken coming to catch you coming back from a knock out.

Neck Breaker 41236p

Punch strength you use determines the distance covered by the Neck Breaker, lp being the most short one, and hp going the farthest.

This shot is Armor Break, but breaks Focus attack. It will knockdown the oponent, leaving you the time to prepare an okizeme. Against guard the Neck Breacker will leaving you extremely vulnerable though.

EX version , it is completely invulnerable to projectiles. Therefore, you can break adverse long-distance shots.

Raida 63214p

This move is a sort of throw which is not taken as a throw by the game engine.
Raida even has priority on throws.
EX version , his hitbox is larger and it does more damage .

in the corner: mk, 214hk, 63214hp
surprise grab in the back: 236hk, 41236hp

Kasumi Gake 236k

Kick strength you use determines the teleportation distance reached.
236lk and 236mk versions transport you to the opponent , while the 236hk takes you behind the opponent.
This is basically a huge dash and it does not have invincibility property. However, it
can be extremely useful to catch the opponent at high speed.

236hk, 4123641236kkk

Tsumuji 214k

214lk is safe guard and comes very quickly.
Tsumuji can target feet to knock out the opponent to the ground by holding the bottom direction while executing.
All versions of this move also do a nice amount of cheap damage.

EX version , the Tsumuji is more powerful and can juggle a corner. But apart from this property, it
does not necessarily have great interest, d’rather never use an ex for that, especially considering the fact that it does the same amount of damage than the 214hk.

c.lp, mp, mk, 214hk

Hien 421k

Version Pied used determines the distance covered by the Hien, 241lk beng the shortest. With the appropriate range, can be over-head.
can be useful for jumping over enemy projectiles and punish opponents with projectiles having a long recovery.
Can be followed by a kunai throw to ensure a safe escape.
The move is especially useful for using the Super fury, among other options.

EX version , the Hien tracking the position of the opponent and does more damage. It is also impossible to punish , because Ibuki jumps far from the opponent directly after the end of the move.

421mk, 236hp
421mk, 236236mp (can be buffered)

back fadc, 421mk

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