Video tuto java play framework jdk first project

Welcome to this new Video tuto java play framework jdk first project, on a brand new virtual machine on VirtualBox, with a linux Ubuntu.

Video tuto java play framework with jdk and first project

Play is an open source web application framework, written in Scala and Java, which follows the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern.
It provides different given template and automation to start play with the code from a rich and solid structure.
It also aims to optimize developer productivity by using convention over configuration, hot code reloading and display of errors in the browser.

In the previous tutorial, a created a new linux machine from scratch, by installing virtual box on the mac.
Now with this brand new machine, we will download and install the play framework 2.3.0 from the official play!framework website. We will also set the PATH variable to have access to the activator command from anywhere without tapping the whole path each time, which could also work, but would be more effort each time you need this command.

We will also need java being installed on this brand new machine. For this need will install the openjdk 7.

After a restart, we will be finally be ready to use the play framework.

We will take a quick view on the project creation in command ligne of a standard play framework project, and make it run locally on the browser, on the localhost address, on the port 9000, according to the standard running configuration.

We will also set the project ready to be imported in eclipse, even though we won’t actually touch the code in this video, this will be the subject of the next one.

We will also take a really quick look on the activator ui interface, which provides some interesting features, even though it is heavier than using the command line.
The activator ui give easy access to the creation of different types of project with all the setting, configurations and dependencies already includes from the first lunch of the project.
We will have a view on the creation of a java playframework project with spring in it.

Hope you will Enjoy it, please leave a comment !


URL used in this tutorial

Linux Commands used in this tutorial

df -h
ls folder/
unzip -d /target/location/folder/
sudo vim .bashrc
sudo apt-cache search openjdk
sudo apt-get install openjdk
sudo shutdown -r now
activator new newAppName
activator run
activator eclipse
activator ui

Filed modified on the linux machine

/home/user/.bashrc : add of the path of the activator command “export PATH=$PATH:/location/containing/activator/”

Video tuto java play framework, jdk, first project