Install virtualbox linux ubuntu virtual machine


VirtualBox is an amazing, and very handy software to virtualize operating systems.

Install virtualbox linux ubuntu virtual machine as below.

It which will allow you to create a new system inside your machine which will host this new guest machine.
It will be necessary if you need a special type of machine, linux, windows or mac to have certain type of configurations or tools on a type of system you don’t have for reel (unless buying ten types of computer).
It is also an amazing way to start doing stuff from scratch with a brandnew and clean machine that you will just create for the occasion.

VirtualBox is run by Oracle and you can have it running under every distributions.

It uses the hardware resources of the host PC to create one or more virtual computers on which you can install a linux operating system for exemple.

Of course , only the host can actually interact with the devices.
To run VirtualBox on a machine will require some requierement to get some usable result. The processor, the RAM or the disk space to feed the guest operating system will be taken from the host machine. The place on the harddrive will be taken on the physical hard disk to create space virtual for exemple.
Basically, we can say it will take an average running between 1 GHz and 2 GHz minimum processor, 1GB of RAM and disk space of about 10GB for comfortable use .

With VirtualBox, we will proceed from an iso image to the full installation of a Linux system , like you would for a physical installation on the hard disk. When you reconnect , the system will be accessible via VirtualBox and data will be stored in memory within the space allocated initially inside the virtual machine.

Installing Linux Ubuntu on VirtualBox

In the example above , we proceed to the installation of linux Ubuntu inside a Mac OS environnement.

Fast and attractive, Ubuntu is a Linux operating system which have widely spread over many years.
Intuitive and secure, ideal for desktops, servers, netbooks and laptops. Ubuntu is free, as well as tons of softwares for that distribution.


1. Download VirtualBox :
2. Lunch and install
3. Download the ubuntu iso :
4. Creation of the new linux ubuntu virtual machine inside virtual box.
5. Virtualy set the iso cd inside the virtual machine and lunch it.
6. Installation of the virtual machine
7. Once the installation done, restart the machine
8. Installation of the guest additions.
9. Update linux repository
9. Setting the machine up to date.

Linux Ubunutu is now installed and fonctional.

Commands and url used in this video

-sudo + command: to execute a command with super user rights.
-shutdown -h now: shutdown the machine, with the halt option, -r to restart
-apt-get update: update the list of package available in the repository
-apt-get upgrade: upgrade packages on your machine
-uname -a: give info of the machine with the all option
-history: Histoy of the command used
-clear: clear the terminal
-exit: exit from the terminal

Install virtualbox linux ubuntu virtual machine

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