C.Viper fan post


Here is my C.Viper fan post..
C.Viper is a rushing character, very aerial with her super jump burning kick, and able to do some amazing amount of cheap damage, to pressurize opponents.
She is also a powerful mixup and crossup character.
But all those are not for free, in the meantime, she is one of the most difficult characters to play in Super Street Fighter IV, added to a poor stamina and stun rating.

I love her style, here are the most useful ones, and how i like to place them.

Thunder Knuckle 214+lp:

lp version can go trough standard fireballs.
tk mp does more damage.
hk Version is Anti-Air, and can be juggled with a second tk hp, hk, or ultra.
Finally EX Version can be canceled, and knock out the opponent.
All tk are Armor Break

Sequence :
tk ex, ultra

Burning Kick 214+k :

Viper performs a cross-kick that can negate projectiles if the timing is right.
The Burning Kick go over low attacks as Viper jump slightly off the ground while executing it.
Viper shows flames on both sides of her body on the screen but the hitbox is only on the side of the opponent.

Super Jump 19:

Can cancel lots of Viper’s move

C. Viper’s Aerial Burning Kick is a lot different than her grounded one. Not only do all three versions start up faster than their ground counterparts, but the hitbox for the move is much wider and is active for a much longer time. The same movement properties still apply with the Hard version moving Viper the farthest and the Light version stopping her in place when jumping forward.

Sequence :
Super jump, Burning kick perfect to surprise, start up faster than the ground bk, hitbox for the move is also much wider and is active for a much longer time.

Seismo 623mp:
Ex Version can be cancelled.

Seismo,Super Jump cancel, Burning kick, hi Thunder Knucle(corner)


Both ultra can be processed on her bnb sequence, replacing the bk by the ultra.

Burst Time:
236236+ppp, a short range shock on the ground followed by some air juggling kick

Burning Dance:

seismo, sj cancel, ultra1 or 2

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