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My Laravel5 website

My Laravel5 website, welcome ! Time for me to present the last of my project, i will still continue to work on it, but it is time now for me to make it public....

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C.Viper fan post

C.Viper Here is my C.Viper fan post.. C.Viper is a rushing character, very aerial with her super jump burning kick, and able to do some amazing amount of cheap damage, to pressurize opponents. She...

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Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Ibuki

Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Ibuki. Ibuki is¬†a¬†beautiful character to see when it is well controlled, i won’t list all her move, enough articles are doing it well already, but i will list all...

Virtualbox installation with Ubuntu 553

Install virtualbox, and a linux ubuntu virtual machine

Presentation VirtualBox is an amazing, and very handy software to virtualize operating systems. It which will allow you to create a new system inside your machine which will host this new guest machine. It...

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The tree command, Linux

The tree command on Linux is very useful, instead of using lots of ls everywhere in your terminal, you can easily see many folders with their content all at once. We will download and...

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Python Flask

Coming soon, the installation of the Flask framework for Python. Extract from wikipedia: Flask is a lightweight web application framework written in Python and based on the Werkzeug WSGI toolkit and Jinja2 template engine....

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Java Play!Framework

Series of video on the java play!Framework for java coming soon.